Child Trafficking Machine by Saatchi

We’ve received this great campaign from Saatch & Saatchi for the Salvation Army highlighting child trafficking.

Click through for the campaign overview and more images.

The game that’s capturing the world

Title: The child trafficking Machine

Client: The Salvation Army

Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world with an annual turnover of 32 billion dollars.

1.2 Million children are trafficked each year and it’s estimated that this number will rise dramatically during 2010.

The Salvation Army wanted to inform an unknowing public of the severity of the situation.

So we took a toy crane vending machine, filled it with cute dolls, wrapped it in seemingly innocuous illustrations and created a new game called “Little Treasures”.

We placed it in a popular shopping mall, as well as several media houses, radio stations, and the country’s leading news network offices. People of all ages were instantly drawn to the innocent looking game and the treasures within.

Once a doll was snatched, players pulled their prizes from the machine only to find a note attached which revealed the true nature of the game, that each doll represented a child lost to the ever-booming business of human trafficking.

It then prompted people to visit the Salvation Army homepage to find out how they could make a difference.

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