10and5 *NOT* Shutting Down

EDIT: Thanks for taking part in our Aprils Fools prank (Some of you might remember last years one.

Thanks also for all the great messages and love shown, great to know that 10and5 is loved by you as much as it is by us.

So don’t worry, we won’t be closing down anytime soon. Expect more great creative work over the next few weeks.

Love and Regards,

Johann and Uno.


10and5 has been a long time project by Uno De Waal and I (Johann Schwella). We’ve spent many many hours writing posts, scouring the internet, phoning agencies and chatting to people to get content to showcase the best of what South Africa has to offer creatively.

We’ve done this without asking for much back.

10and5 has cost as quite a significant amount of time and money (we don’t make any money out of this) and we’ve decided that it’s time to hang up the proverbial hat and move on to bigger and better things.

We’ve loved the journey and all the great people we’ve met along the way, but ending today we’ll stop searching for and writing content, and let the blog lapse. We’ll leave everything as is for as long as the domain is active but once that is over, 10and5 will be no more.

Thanks again to all you great people out there and keep creating.

Over and out.


  1. Hmmm…I pity the fool 😛 ha ha

  2. Can’t fool us!

  3. Closing Down hey… If you’ve really had enough of it, why don’t you open it to the community you’ve been supporting to find suitable people who would like to replace you and keep it going?

    I sympathize with you guys, all of our lives are incredibly busy & if you’re cereal about closing it down or at least not curating it anymore yourselves, then thanks for the great job up until this point. *Round of Applause* – If you’re taking the piss then good job on that too 😉

  4. no no, nice one guys… pull the other one 😉

  5. Nice try, you can’t fool me!

  6. haha kak man..

  7. you guys suck…i was in tears like a little bitch all day long!