Biblioteq Feel Inspired by Fox P2


  1. Nice art direction, but the ideas are all identical, would have been better to see new conceptualisations for each ad.

  2. Ryan Vermeulen

    Ja, I agree, the idea is weak, but very beautiful, well shot Bruno Bossi!

  3. It’s a very compelling campaign – altho it reminds me a lot of an image I “FFFound” a while ago:

  4. That’s a little close for comfort, whether Biblioteq is better looking or not.

  5. great art direction

  6. At the risk of sounding like a hater, this campaign (if you can call “same ad 3 times” a campaign) doesn’t work for me on a couple of levels:

    First of all, I struggled to link the “mind-blowing” visual and the pay-off line (Feel Inspired). They seem like two different ideas to me. Maybe a headline would have helped me connect the thoughts.

    It also seems odd that a cutting edge creative bookshop like Biblioteq would choose to style the characters in its ads like characters from a 60s sitcom. Call me literal, but I reckon something more contemporary would have been better.

    Like the photography and art direction though!