Running with Scissors

Some think you are audacious, courageous … even reckless.

We’d like you to prove it.

On the 21st of April two thousand and ten at 1pm sharp, we’re staging, quite possibly, the most reckless, even dangerous piece of performance art this city has ever seen. Ignore what your parents told you, summon up all your reserves of bravery … we’re Running With Scissors.

This wednesday, 21 April at 1pm sharp we’ll be joining the rest of the Cape Town art crowd at Greenmarket Square (look out for the giant pair of scissors) to run to Cape Town City Hall. Less than a 5 minute run, it’s the perfect lunchtime activity and arty injection your week needs. All you need to bring is yourself and a pair of scissors. For more information check out the facebook event here.  

Between 10 and 5