Wimpy Family - Funky Town TV Commercial

Wimpy Family – Funky Town TVC


Check out this hilarous new TVC for Wimpy!

The commercial opens on a living room (somewhere in Benoni) where a family of six have assembled to play “Funky Town” on multiple glasses that they collected from the many Valuelicious Meals they purchased from Wimpy. Each family member is dressed in an 80’s styled outfit that clearly looks homemade. The execution is shot in a YouTube/music video style.
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Client: Wimpy
Ad agency: MetropolitanRepublic / The Jupiter Drawing Room
Production Company: Velocity
Director: Anton Visser

Paul Warner (Executive Creative Director)
Wesley Phelan / Spike Kunene (Creative Director)
Wesley Phelan (Art Director)
Spike Kunene (Copywriter)
Prenneven Govender (Producer)
Sue Tyler (Agency Producer)

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