Boer and Brit Wine Labels from Fanakalo

BOER & BRITThese Boer And Brit wine labels were produced by Stellenbosch design studio, Fanakalo.

The winemakers happened to both have an extremely rich historical connection and studied together by complete coincidence. We then created this label for them that already has 2 cultivars.

The blurb on the back-label explains everything as follow:
Once they were bitter enemies at war, the Anglo-Boer War.
The one was a Boer, the president of his country. The other a Brit, a famous general who led the relief of Kimberely.

President Kruger and Field Marshal French… they died as enemies.

Now, more than a hundred years later, two direct descendants have joined forces. Stefan Gerber a great, great grandson of Paul Kruger and Alexander Milner a great, great grandson of John French Milner have, together, created Boer & Brit, wines so intense and genuine as the battle their ancestors fought long ago.

Rockspider and Rooinek… unbelievable, but true. Enjoy their wine!

With the body of a Boer and the nose of an Englishman – you can’t go wrong.

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  1. I can’t believe this is true! Will sell crazy in Brit county! great. D

  2. Quirky and great story, love the Suikerbossie vibe!

  3. Great concept. Can’t wait to taste the cap classique

  4. Our eldest son, Gary, a Captain in the Dukes, the oldest regiment in the Cape, has a birthday on Thursday, the 18th. He always teasingly jokes about my ‘peasant’s’ knowledge of wines, although we live in the heart of the wine route -Jonkershoek! He always says I buy wine by the label – and I more often than not land up with ‘plonk’.
    When I saw your label today, that was IT! I definitely had to have a bottle of this wine secreted in his gift. I simply can’t wait for him to take the wrapping off his parcel which will clearly read “YES – I bought it for its label”, and I can’t wait for him to savour the flavour. Its going to be fun – wish you were there!

  5. Ek het n lee bottel (Trans Karoo)uit ons karavaan park se vullis drom uitgehaal wat een van ons gaste weg gegooi het — Die etiket het dadelik my so beindruk. Ek sal baie graag vir my Seus wat in Australia en New Zeeland woon as geskenk van julle wyne stuur. Sal dit moontlik wees om asseblief vir my n Brosjure aan te stuur. En kan julle die verpakking vir ons doen. Wag om van julle te hoor. Vriendelike Groete Elsa