What is Steri Stumpie plotting?

Steri Stumpie is planning something, we were expecting a drop today but just received this email. What are they plotting?

Hi Johann

Wow – what a firkin weird-ass week! Firstly I was upducted by uber scary Steri bloodsucking cybertooth aliens who wanted to milk me for all the latest news on the Steri phenomenon! Secondly they spat me out in the middle of nowheresville (imagine tumbleweed and hillbilly’s) – after stealing my large banana-flavoured milk mustache!

Um yea, if you haven’t noticed this is my excuse for not sending you an update on top secret mission “Steri”. But no worries, those alien perp scum didn’t get any info outta me, so you still have the exclusive…Yup the Steri Top Secret mission is all systems go!

On Monday, you will be showered with Steri radness which will leave you feeling warmly fuzzy and awesome all…day…long…. I just have to keep under the radar for a little while longer, coz the alienation have discovered the location of Steriland…

With scratches and scrapes and a awesome new chocolate grin


Vice-vice president of “Well, you’ll see…”

Should we be scared?

Between 10 and 5