Pyros and Pencils Blog


Bread Advertising has launched a new blog, Pyros and Pencils.

Since graduating in 2008 the guys behind Bread Advertising, Ross Melland and Alex Aiff, have been very busy designing various websites (their own goes live on the 17th of May) , working on projects with The Cape Peninsula University of Technology and art directing a Vuka award winning PSA. They have big plans for the future.

Their blog is where they keep us up to speed on their latest work.

This is what Ross had to say –

The purpose of Pyros and Pencils Blog is to follow the transition of our creative partnership into a thriving company, as well as provide a platform to connect with creatives and marketers in the industry. We are opening a creative studio in retail space of the Riverside Mall in Rondebosch, Creative Warehouse, with Wasabi Marketing and Production Partners.

We will be letting out work spaces, equipped with internet and landline extensions, to industry professionals such as freelance photographers, designers, PR agents and marketers. This will create a studio in which creatives can network and collaborate. Creative Warehouse will essentially be a 1-stop, full service advertising agency for the S.M.E business man who can’t afford to go to the big agencies but still wants to market their product or service properly. Spaces are still available at Creative Warehouse, for more details please contact me as soon as possible.

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