Nico Krynouw's Man-eating crocodile with trumpet hat

Theo Krynouw’s acrylic chaos

Nico Krynouw's Man-eating crocodile with trumpet hat

Theo Krynouw has a very particular sense of humour. It is subtle and not pushy, leaving much room for personal interpretation, yet his caricatures are definitive of his statements. His illustrations remind me of late 80’s German children’s books – the kind that were written more for patient parents reading to their offspring.

After completing his Information Design degree at the University of Pretoria, Krynouw launched his career as a freelance illustrator doing mostly character design and book illustration. He then headed off to New Zealand for a couple of years where he continued doing book illustration for children’s fiction titles, returning to South Africa  in December 2009.

Upon his arrival back in Cape Town from the rainy climate of New Zealand, Krynouw found great inspiration in the richness of colour, activity (both fluid and chaotic) and expression of our country. He has since become very colour conscious, infusing his work with what he sees around him.

Krynouw strives to achieve a subtlety of humour in all his work. He also focuses on the expressive possibilities of illustration (whether through colour or intuitive line work) . His ambition is to continue illustrating full-time while migrating into a career as a painter and artist.

Three of the featured drawings are book illustration pieces for Penguin Books in New Zealand.

The crocodile piece is from his personal work collection (painting and visual journal).

Contact Details:

mobile :082 763 0400 / 082 763 0400



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