Guess the Brand: Round 2

Guess the Brand

We have a new Guess the Brand for you! You need to figure out what brand this image represents. The winning answer gets a prize so start guessing and leave your answers in the comments. This has been solved! Click through for the answer and new ad.

New Bronx Print campaign






  1. chinos?

  2. Adidas.

  3. Nike? Or maybe Old Khaki or some shiz?

  4. Keep guessing…

  5. Timberland or Lacoste

  6. Black Label

  7. good one coda!

  8. Gillstrawberry


  9. Lacoste

  10. Andrew Macfarlane


  11. Gillstrawberry


  12. Gillstrawberry


  13. Zama Tshabalala

    Converse, Sketches, Lacoste and Puma – Markhams or Truworths?

  14. Sprite?

  15. It’s for Ace Flour

  16. Energade

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  18. There have been some really close guesses but nobody has it yet. Here is a clue : It is NOT a beverage. Good luck!

  19. Sketchers?

  20. Sportscene?

  21. sportscene?

  22. Guess……..

  23. Mr Price, Mr Price Sport, Totalsports, Sportsmans Warehouse?

  24. athletes foot, sports shoe shop

  25. Reebok?

  26. One more clue – it’s for a shoe brand.

  27. Supegra

  28. Gillstrawberry


  29. Gillstrawberry


  30. BRONX!

  31. Gillstrawberry

    Green Cross 🙂

  32. Gillstrawberry

    Ben Sherman

  33. Gillstrawberry


  34. Gillstrawberry


  35. Gillstrawberry


  36. Gillstrawberry

    Hush Puppies

  37. Gillstrawberry

    I already said CAT 🙂

  38. Gillstrawberry


  39. Gillstrawberry


  40. Footgear, Shoe City, Street Fever

  41. Hugo Boss, Esprit

  42. Gillstrawberry

    Crocs!!?? I give up!

  43. come on what is it!

  44. Gillstrawberry is the winner with the first correct guess! It is indeed Bronx, Well done! We’ll email you shortly with prize details.

  45. Gillstrawberry

    Geez! That’s what i thought it was at the beginning but it seemed unlikely so i went with CATs! I could have ended this torture ages ago 🙂 Yay, I win 🙂

  46. Gillstrawberry

    oops my email is incorrect!! it should be not SORRY!

  47. I still think it’s Lacoste… whatever. 😛

  48. This post has been updated with the product shots and branding as well.