machineri's music video directed by Revel Fox

machineri’s music video directed by Revel Fox


This is machineri’s second official music video, directed and shot by acclaimed South African director Revel Fox. Though produced on minimal budget, the raw quality combined with sharp editing by Robin Kress makes for the perfect vehicle for the band’s grimy sound.

Sannie Fox (vocals) and Andre Geldenhuys (guitar) met in 2007 through a mutual friend, though machineri would not take shape until some three years later. Their reputation as musical virtuosos each in their own capacity was testified through their very first performance being sold out in March 2010. The band has since played three more gigs to a packed house, and are evoking attention as wide as their sound is large. With machineri’s first video frequently being played on MTV locally and in Europe, it won’t be long before they are snatched from our little town by some big time blues label. (Please?)

Revel Fox’s latest feature film Long Street was released to an international audience in 2009, and stars daughter Sannie as well as wife Roberta Fox. It also features music by Sannie’s previous band Mama know nothing.

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