Andrew Putter's visual reference for the Sketch Assembly

Sketch Assembly – fancy yourself as a creative collaborator?

Andrew Putter's visual reference for the Sketch Assembly

Merry Company – a visual reference

Andrew Putter – well-known artist and teacher – is offering young creatives the opportunity to work with him as interns and collaborators on his new project, simply named Sketch Assembly.

Putter’s accomplishments are wide reaching and massively impressive. The father of the Mother City Queer Project has exhibited his work from the Netherlands to Cuba. He received an award for Best Teacher in the western province by the South African Education Department in 2007 and co-wrote the national Design curriculum for South African high schools (read more about Putter’s achievements at the end of this post).

Putter’s new project facilitates creatives from all corners, to collectively produce photographs that resemble old Dutch style paintings of young people partying. Based on “merry company” paintings from the 1600s, the pictures will eventually depict figures who exist in a surreal, in-between world that is half Dutch and half Cape Khoi-khoi (Hottentot).

Putter is looking for:

Photographer: This is an indoor, studio project.  Fashion photography skills will be ideal. You should be comfortable shooting figures in artificial light. You should have your own camera – preferably – but not prerequisite – HD digital.

Set-designer and model-builder: We will construct small, resourceful sets – and will probably re-use sets from Artscape. We may also make small models and montage them into the final photographs.

3 D / Industrial designer: You will make the small props – goblets, bowls, fake musical instruments, etc.

Make-up artist: Working on a combination of Dutch and Khoi-khoi make-up from the 1600s.

Hair stylist: Working on a combination of Dutch and Khoi-khoi hair from the 1600s.

Stylist: This will entail finding accessories relating to the Dutch and the Khoi-khoi, and managing dressing and styling of the actors on the shoot.

Clothing designer/ pattern cutter: We will design and make clothes for about eight characters: half Dutch and half Khoi-khoi.

Caterer: This will entail catering for between 12 and 16 people – sometimes just for a meeting, at other times for a whole-day shoot.

Photoshop artist This is someone who will retouch and composite the final works in Photoshop.

Actors x 8: 4 male, 4 female

You should be passionate and productive, and already have a high degree of skill in whatever field interests you. You should ideally have good research skills, enjoy working with others, and have made at least one or two things at a professional level. Acceptance into this project does not entail monetary payment, however the opportunity presented, within it to learn from and work with a master of his discipline, is plenty rewarding.

The project will take place sometime in late June/early July – during the holidays and finalisation of the timetable will depend on when participants are available.

For more information and applications, refer to the following address:

Andrew Putter is a Cape Town-based artist, designer and teacher. He was winner of the prestigious Spier Contemporary Award in 2007, and the South African Education Department’s Award for best teacher in the province in 2004. He was the inventor of the MCQP (with architect Andrew Vorster), and was the mastermind behind Softserve and Ydetag at the South African National Gallery. In 2004, he instigated the Suburbanist Projects – which were featured in Dazed ‘n Confused magazine. He taught design at Rondebosch Boys’ High School for 11 years, and co-wrote the national Design curriculum for South African high schools. His work has been exhibited in the UK, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the USA (New York), and Cuba (Havana). Putter is currently the 2010 GIPCA Fellow at UCT.

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