Hyundai’s Giant Vuvuzela


  1. Sweet, they need to use it as the noon gun for the world cup.

  2. Damn skippy, Molly. Could be neat if it reacted to wind, too. Kinda expected more of this stuff during the WC, honestly.

  3. They’ll be “blowing” it at the start of every world cup game in Cape Town

  4. I’m such a SA lingo noob. I thought it was “Bring the (Bee) Gees.”

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  6. This apparently made it on to the news today.

  7. Does it sound at noon? It Should otherwise it’s just a big vuvuzela = meh

  8. my husband and son were part of the crew that erected the vuvuzela. ITS FANTASTIC

  9. batandwa Malingo

    Big up to Hyundai and The Mother City!!!!!…. That is 2010 legacy right there!!!
    Voel dit…. Dit is hier!!!!!!

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