1st-draft notebooks

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Designer notebooks by 1STDRAFT.

1st-draft notebooks

Two Capetonians, Mark Rosenberg and Zachariah King, recently started a small publishing company called 1STDRAFT. The duo have just launched their first project, “How to write your own novel”, which comprises a series of four notebooks aimed at encouraging aspiring writers to pen down their mystery, fantasy, romance and science-fiction novels.

Ingot side table by Okha.


We love the elegant silhouette of the Ingot side table by Adam Court for Okha.
Playing with basic geometric shapes, Adam combined classic materials with industrial finishes to create this unique South African design.

Forbidden Fruit bed linen.


We love the Forbidden Fruit bed linen. On closer inspection, the illustrated tree reveals couples in positions from the Kama Sutra. The linen (with secret pockets) will certainly help spice things up in the bedroom.

The Stringer Table.


We’re blown away by The Stringer Table designed by Cape St Francis-based British designer Paul Kneen.
Using a technique practically identical to surfboard manufacturing, Paul sandwiched trimmed surfboard foam off-cuts between strips of plywood and finished it off with layers of fibreglass to create a coffee table that’s both light and sturdy.

Bird Feeder by Joe Paine


Industrial designer Joe Paine, who also brought us the fabulous Kreep planter and the TriHard range, has turned his attention to our feathered friends.

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