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This bio was written by Brad and Leigh from We Caaan – it is a bit long, but was too beautiful for me to edit or try and re-write, it tells a lovely story:

Leigh and Brad are lovers. Lovers of non-extreme adventure. Lovers of drawing and writing. And lovers of So You Think You Can Dance, pizza and a warm bed.

Leigh and Brad have spent most of their lives giving ideas to corporations, so that said corporations can take more of your money. And unfortunately they are pretty good at it. If you eat, you’ve eaten in one of the restaurants that Leigh has designed and if you see you’ve seen one of Brad’s ads. That’s just the way it was, but that same gnawing dissatisfaction that they deviously played on to make you buy said corporations’ products was alive and kicking within them. And it was asking questions…is this it? Is this me? Is that building high enough? You know, the usual.

Fortunately, a series of bizarre circumstances brought the two of them together.  Once they got the falling madly in love bit out of the way, they were able to share in other’s dissatisfaction and familiar feelings of worthlessness. It was beautiful. They really wanted to do something together that was fit for other people to see and explored a few ideas, most of them involving learning a new skill.  “We can’t,” their little voices said, followed by a million excuses. The restless dissatisfaction grew and the blank page got bigger. In desperation Leigh started drawing and Brad started writing – two things they knew how to do. They put the two together and realised that, “We can.”

Wecaaan.com is not a blog about cool things we have found on the web or treasures discovered in junk shops, our friends do that a lot better than we ever could. It is a blog about the cool things we have found out about ourselves and the treasures we have discovered in each other.

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