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Allan Gray’s rusty billboard

Allan Gray rust billboard

This one has been up for a while but if you haven’t been to the Cape Town airport recently then you’ll have missed it.

Whether it’s through a massive six thousand piece puzzle, constructed piece by piece on the billboard, or a giant oversized quilt that took three months to stitch, the Allan Gray billboard campaign has always actively promoted Allan Gray’s philosophy of long-term thinking. And this new execution, flighted on a Continental Outdoor Super Sign in Cape Town, is no different.

The billboard, conceptualized by King James, was created in two different materials. An untreated sheet metal for the background, paired with a brushed, stainless steel for the lettering. Then it was left for nature to take its course. The back of the board duly rusted and will continue to rust further as Cape Town heads into its rainy season. All the while the lettering remained rust-proof, shiny and pristine, illustrating Allan Gray’s point that if you think long term, you can be prepared for it.

via Continental Outdoor Media

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