Paul Ward Screamers

Paul Ward’s Screamers

Paul Ward Screamers

Paul Ward was born into the Johannesburg south side, spending his first years throwing sand in kids’ eyes and stealing Fizz Pops on the playground.

After relocating to Cape Town, Paul attended Rondebosch Boys High school. Here he found himself an outlet for his boisterous spontaneity. Studying Art and Design as a formal discipline, and with the guidance of Kevin Jenkins and Andrew Putter, he flourished as a creative thinker, bullying his pencils, no longer his peers. During his five years at Rondebosch, he was rarely without a camera in hand. By the end of high school his ambition of wearing a suit everyday, and having a corner window office on the top floor of a CBD skyscraper seemed like a bad dream. His first stop on the path of decided creativity lead him to Vega The School of Brand Innovation, where he completed a degree in Creative Brand Communications, specialising in Art Direction and Design.

Paul thinks that one day he could be great, but until then he wishes to assist and learn from those who have already achieved greatness. He is inspired by the fact that he knows not where his path will lead him.

This series of photographs is simply titled The Screamers.

Inspired by Andrew Zuckerman’s Wisdom Book, Paul is fascinated by the expulsion of genuine, unabashed energy released when screaming relentlessly. These images are raw and almost eery; the contortion of faces being captured in a single moment illustrating volumes of force and intent.

Between 10 and 5