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Fans in Training - streak

World Cup Creative – Fans in Training

Fans in Training - streak

We don’t know what brand is behind the Fans in Training virals but what we do know is that all the videos are set in the gym, keeping fit is the main goal and Sir Richard Branson is involved, watch him learn to blow a vuvuzela here. This also, straight from Branson’s mouth, “To celebrate and help the South African fans prepare Virgin Active SA is launching ‘Training the Fans’, three football themed classes to ensure its fans are fan-fit so they can play their part in supporting their team.” Figured it out yet? Fans in Training’s latest project has been to organize a mass streak outside the stadium in Cape Town and it’s happening today! Streakers are meeting at Buena Vista Social Club opposite the stadium at 5-5:30pm. Visit their facebook fanpage for more info. Happy streaking!

Between 10 and 5