ubuntu collection

The Ubuntu Collection – Gazelle, The Inoue Brothers and The Créol Brothers

ubuntu collection


The Inoue Brothers was founded in 2004 by Japanese brothers Satoru and Kiyoshi Inoue – born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark. A design/art studio based on a common love for two cultures, Japanese sensibility and Scandinavian simplicity. The brothers have collaborated with the djing, blogging, designing, art directing Créol Brothers (born in Mauritius and raised in Tanzania and Denmark and now working in advertising and PR in Amsterdam and Copenhagen) and with SA’s own Gazelle to create a line of T-shirts entitled The Ubuntu Collection ‘I am because we are’.

Each tee is African inspired and comes with a beaded USB stick featuring behind the scenes images, portraits of the people of Khayelitsha, a short film by The Inoue Brothers & Gazelle and exclusive music tracks from Gazelle. All beading has been hand-sewn by the women of Khayelitsha. The line will be sold at high-end retailers around the world. Click through to see more designs.

The Inoue Brothers

Créol Brothers


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