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Some more great product design sent to us from VISI magazine. Click through to see some new and unique furniture design.

Bauhaus birdhouse by Lucas Adams


The 21-year-old designer from Cape Town specifically created this quirky birdhouse for a canary. As canaries prefer hopping, Lucas focused on creating a simple, horizontal space that incorporates a landing area for the bird.

Urchin softlight by Molo Design


Wow. We’ve lost our hearts to the Urchin Softlight by Molo Design, a Vancouver-based design group. The Urchin light has a unique character that invites playful interaction. Its elastic movement and shifting form are akin to a sea creature, making the piece move as if alive.

Globe Chair by Haldane Martin


The Globe Chair, originally designed and patented in 1921, has made a comeback thanks to Cape Town designer Haldane Martin.

Mise en Place work table


If you asked a world-class chef to design something that incorporates everything he needs in a work table, it would probably end up looking like the Chefs Warehouse Mise en Place work table by Liam Tomlin.

Tamp & Lable = Lamp & Table


This design by German designer Florian Kallus combines a writing desk with a desk lamp, and features a pull switch reminiscent of the 1950s.

Trek Light by Leanie van der Vyver

trek light

We’re dazzled by this clever lighting solution by Cape Town-born designer Leanie van der Vyver. Leanie, who currently studies in Amsterdam, has designed a pendant light with a difference: one in which the wiring forms an integral part of the design and becomes the focus point.

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