Win! 20% off Quirk’s June social media course.


Quirk’s new course, “Applying Social Media to Business Challenges” kicks off on June 28 and they are making a final call for registrations (registrations close June 25). This is a 5 week online course and is largely based on case studies compiled directly from Quirk’s recent experience tackling the challenges of using social media for businesses and brands. They are offering ten Between 10 and 5 readers a 20% discount on the course fee. All you have to do is provide an example/link to a social media campaign which you feel was well executed. Leave your answers/links in the comment section of this post. Click through to read up about the course on offer.

The recent status of social media as mainstream marketing and business communications tools has many South African business and marketing minds racing in 2010. Social Media is no longer a phenomenon or a fad. Businesses need to take a far more strategic approach to engaging with these media as they are not likely to go away, and mistakes linger online. That’s where Quirk Education steps in with a new course, specifically designed with the South African business and social media environment in mind.

For clever, nimble marketers, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogs are quickly proving themselves to be most effective in offering a base to strategically build communities around brands or topics. Digital marketing options can work enormously well with some best practice knowledge.

The content for the “Applying Social Media to Business Challenges” course is largely drawn from case studies compiled directly from Quirk’s recent experience tackling these very challenges. The course unpacks the campaigns Quirk eMarketing has run for clients such as Mweb and Sun International on Facebook. It also analyses how Twitter has worked for brands such as SA Tourism and Neotel and how integrated campaigns built with both online and offline elements work best. The course promises to be a thought-provoking and applicable way for attendees to discover how to (and how not to) implement this tactic.

“In the past year we’ve had amazing success with Social Media implementation for some of our big clients and they’ve reaped huge rewards as a result,” says Lyndi Lawson, Minister of Education at Quirk Education. “It’s on this experience that we’ve based the content for the course.” Quirk Education, as its name implies, is the education arm of Quirk eMarketing , Africa’s largest and longest standing full service eMarketing agency.


· Cost: R5900 (including vat)

· 10% group registration discount on 3 or more

· 20% discount for OPA members

· Registrations close: 25 June

· Course starts: 28 June

· Duration: 5 – 6 weeks.

· Check out It’s the easiest and fastest way for you to register and pay for the course.

Why this course and not another?
As an eMarketing agency, Quirk has both the most recent and a longer term experience in social media that equips us to teach this course. We have big clients who have put their faith in us and have consequently reaped the rewards. It is from these client victories, and from the bumpy starts and lessons we have learned that this course evolves. We firmly believe in knowledge-sharing, and in relaying our insights to students. In the process we are teaching them how to apply these principles to their own organizations. This is not a basic introduction – it is an in depth look at practical application. Places are limited.

Between 10 and 5