Let's Eat Grandpa Consumer Insight Agency

Let’s Eat Grandpa Consumer Insights Agency


Let's Eat Grandpa Consumer Insight Agency

We are no longer live in a world where brands are the only ones talking.

Consumers have found their voice and are able to talk back. They are getting involved, having their say and motivating change. A division of Hello World Agency, Let’s Eat Grandpa Insights Agency’s job is to interpret, understand and convert consumer conversations into strategic insights. 
“With a focus on qualitative research, the tools that Let’s Eat Grandpa offers are focus groups (with web streaming capabilities); in-depth interviews; strategic insights development; digital panel surveys (web and mobile); market intelligence reporting (industry, market, competitor tracking); seeding and evangelism programmes as well as street talk (target market immersion). These tools will enable the agency to eat, sleep and breathe insights and become an extension of any marketing team.”

Initially, Let’s Eat Grandpa will be working with a comprehensive panel database of respondents in certain key markets from young adults in the middle to upper LSM bracket to township residents to students to moms of young children, the tech savvy sector and the high net worth market. These profiles will help guide marketers within specific sectors to understand how to reach, influence and persuade these target audiences with relevant communication and products.

Since Let’s Eat Grandpa is about change in conversations and opinions, the launch concept for the brand involves a book with the same name as the agency. Just as a book can educate and change the way people who read it think, so too can Let’s Eat Grandpa start and change conversations. The Let’s Eat Grandpa book is the result of collaboration between seven of the most talented writers who were teamed with seven of the best creative illustrators in the industry – each team was briefed to create a story with the agency name as the title. There was a twist of course – each title was punctuated a little differently. The compilation of short stories illustrates just how much difference a small change, be it in punctuation, interpretation or in opinion, can make in conversations.

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Let's Eat Grandpa Consumer Insights Agency

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