Help Jared Woods Meet Lily Allen


Jared Woods is a South African living in London and he is on a quest to meet Lily Allen. His simple plea to meet the popstar has become an entire personal social media campaign complete with microsite, youtube video, cartoon viral, wallpapers to download, a press release and a hopeful call to action, ‘Help Jared Woods Meet Lily Allen’. So visit his website to see how to do just that! Click on the image above to watch The Movie

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  1. Brilliant, really like the idea of supporting a crazy South African living abroad.

  2. I want to meet Jared Woods, love the idea!

  3. haha. wooooooot!

  4. shit this is really working finally, its been going for over a year?

  5. So this weekend Jared Woods finally met Lily Allen! And we have the whole story here