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Candy Kennedy Photography

Candy Kennedy to photograph Cape Flats gangs

Candy Kennedy Photography

Candy Kennedy is a South African photographer based in Dubai. She is a sought-after fashion photographer but is using her experience in portraiture for her latest project. While in SA for two weeks, Candy is shooting for her upcoming coffee table book, Gangst*r, and has managed to achieve the impossible, get the gangsters in the Cape Flats to agree to be photographed and interviewed. The plan is to take portrait shots of members of the major gangs in the area, the Americans, the Mongrels, Ghetto Kids, Fancy Boys and various members of the numbers gangs. Whilst Candy is photographing, Mark Sherman, a filmmaker, will be making a behind the scenes documentary of the project. A percentage of all proceeds of the book and exhibition will go to MyLife Charity.

See Candy’s previous work on her site.

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