Captain Stu

Introducing the Captain Stuvuzela


Cape Town band Captain Stu have come up with a genius invention, the Stuvuzela, a vuvuzela that you can also drink beer out of. Wild! This what it says on their blog:

You know when you’re blowing away on your vuvuzela in an attempt to brutally shred the eardrums of all the innocent tourists who we aren’t allowed to sell football paraphernalia to and you think to yourself, ” Man, I wish that instead of blowing a vuvuzela right now I was sipping on an ice cold beer!”? Well here’s the solution. The official Captain Stuvuzela is a sturdy, plastic, B-flat horn that converts within seconds to a 500ml beer mug. They are available in 6 freaking sweet colours, are dishwasher safe and are the official vuvuzela of the Fifa 2010 World Cup. We’ll be selling them at all of our shows and if we sell enough we might be able to pay the bail when we get arrested for writing Fifa 2010 World Cup without their permission…

Visit their site,, to see when their next gig is so you can get your very own stuvuzela.

Between 10 and 5