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VOTE for Who Killed JR? for Kavinsky’s new single Nightcall!


Who Killed JR? is currently a contestant in a remix contest for Kavinsky’s new single Nightcall. The remix is up for the vote as we speak and the contest closes at the end of June.

“Kavinsky is the custodian of 80’s nostalgia in our modern music market and to show my appreciation for what he does I shied away from a heavy electro mix and went for the softer sound of the 80’s top ten hit with a hint of contemporary punch. From the subtle drive of Kavinsky’s robotic voice in the verse to the pure nostalgic pang of Love Foxx (CSS) pop lyrics in the chorus, this song was written for the children of the 80’s to whom the name Ewing actually means something and who have license to ask … who killed JR?”

The link:

The instructions:
– Click on the link
– Click on the “Save To Favourites” button on the top left corner of the track bar [this is how you vote]
– Register when prompted [email + password is all they need … no spam]
– Click on the blue bar at the bottom and write a message
– Vote before end June

Between 10 and 5