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Next of Kin

Who Killed JR? remix Die Heuwels Fantasties’ song ‘Our Heritage’

Next of Kin Next of Kin

“I think the our Heritage remix is probably one of the most banging things I’ve ever heard coming out of SA!”  – Hunter Kennedy [Die Heuwels Fantasties]

Who Killed JR? is the remix project of David Anderson, composer and law student, who predominantly produces under the alias Next Of Kin with wingman James Smith. Who Killed JR? was born during the preparation of Next Of Kin’s live set for the 2009 Vice Magazine launch in Johannesburg where the duo decided to remix Daft Punk’s Robot Rock and Dire Straight’s Money for Nothing … it was a crowd pleaser – and so a monster was created.

Our Heritage Remix

‘Our Heritage’ by Die Heuwels Fantasties ft. The Soweto Gospel Choir, HHP & JR was composed for the Braai4Heritage Foundation to serve as the anthem for National Braai Day falling on the 24th of September annually. To enable a broader demographic to enjoy this anthem Who Killed JR? remixed Our Heritage for the Braai4Heritage Foundation in a style which can only be described as “french crossover” popularised by french record label Ed Banger Records. The reaction far exceeded expectation.

“The remix to me is something really special and kind of makes me feel the way I felt when I heard Justice for the first time.  Otherwise i love the idea of a mashup like this being pushed into a totally new direction by Who Killed JR..luvit!”  – Pierre Greeff [Die Heuwels Fantasties]
Listen to the remix on the link below

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