Amstel flashmob in Soweto


Amstel organised a massive flashmob of about 2000 people all doing the same dance at the Bara taxi rank on Friday the 4th of June. The mob did a great job to raise awareness of their ‘Viva 2010! Viva Amstel for R10!’ campaign. We got the news via SA Rocks. Enjoy the video!


  1. This is a flash mob why? They’re all wearing branded t-shirts, there is a stage and Thembi Seete from Jika Ma Jika is leading it. File under promotion.

    Also flash mobs in 2010? Really? Still?

  2. They just didn’t show the 2 minutes before where the whole “mob” all of the sudden got together, put up the stage, erected the massive tv screen, told everyone to park their cars in a circle form and pumped the music. out of the speakers that took their sound engineer 30secs to connect and do a sound check.


  3. Mob maybe, flashy no.