Simply Asia FIFA World Cup campaign

Fishgate’s campaign for Simply Asia


Simply Asia FIFA World Cup campaign

This mini bowl collector’s item was created as part of a campaign for Simply Asia – a Thai Food and Noodle Bar – and is on at all their stores for the duration of the FIFA Soccer World Cup.

The campaign is called Foodbowl, which is all about their delicious dishes and has absolutely nothing to do with the soccer. The different elements to the campaign aim to invite people to come to Simply Asia for the best Foodbowl experience in South Africa. One of these elements is an online Foodbowl game that is featured on Simply Asia’s website,, where players need to match any one of the pre-selected dishes for a chance to win a prize. Other in-store elements for the campaign include special Soccer Shirts created for the waiters, as well as Table Talkers and also Placemats that feature the supposed Rules of Foodbowl.

Check out the Fishgate blog at for more Foodbowl campaign material, and other work done by the agency.


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