Cape Town’s giant Coca-Cola man

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  1. Gazol Event Management

    Our aim is to host an event, and briefly we want to host so many music genre, mostly live music and electronic music (DJ). And we’ve approach so many sponsors like BMW, Mecrcedes Benz, Hennsessy, S.A.B. etc. So we would like to have your brand too.

    The sponsors want to know exactly where we’ll be hosting that kind of an event, and as soon as we get the feedback from you we might tell you some further information.

    And we’ve target an age group from 21yrs and upwards due to safety and comfortness. And briefly we would even promote your brand too. We have a good security (specially hired for this event). No doubt, it will be safe.

    According to our own estimation. we want to accomodate around 500 – 2000.
    We’ll be having our own Food and Beverages. We have approach wasteman for community cleaning.

    And we’ll start an event around 12pm to 12am.

    Kindly Regards

    Gazol Event Management