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Injozi Website Homepage

INJOZI website launch

Injozi Website Homepage

INJOZI’s new carnival themed website really is something special. Their site has an innovative function where you can upload a ‘carni’ photo of yourself and fill in details to create a virtual business card, this gets added to their ‘Freak’ network of stylists, make-up artists, designers and other kinds of creative collaboraters. Go to to browse through their portfolio and enjoy scrolling over the pop-ups!

Click through to read some background info on the company and to view more of their site.
INJOZI is an award-winning, Joburg based photography, graphic, digital and audio design studio. The company is co-owned by Chris Green, Ross Garrett, Nick Argyros and Craig Wells each specialising in a different sphere of the arts. Chris heads the online part of things as a web developer and 3D artist, Ross is a photographer, Nick’s area is music composition, mixing and mastering and Craig works as a designer. INJOZI services clients across the board working with larger name advertising agencies, tv and radio stations, musicians and the fashion industry.

INJOZI website page 2

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