Car Flyer – Will you marry me?

Car Flyer-Will you marry me?

One of our readers found this on her car the other day. She says, ‘It looked like someone had left a message for me, asking me to marry them!’. When she turned the note over it was an ad for wedding photographers, For Life Photography.

A clever way to get people’s attention? Let us know what you think in the comments.


  1. So clever! I hate flyers on my car, but I think even I would have enjoyed that little tease!

  2. Wow this is a fantastic way to advertise your wedding photography company. Is this is Cape Town?

  3. very very clever, would have made me smile.

  4. Very nice. Good to see people coming up with unique and interesting ways to promote their business’s. I particularly enjoy the way the flier piques the imagination over a mystery proposal.

  5. What an amazing way to advertise a Wedding Photographer by placing a flier on car windscreens with the words on the back: “Will you marry me?”. So unique, so eye-catching.

  6. BMW did this one about 10 years ago. They left a note with a lipstick mark and “call me” written underneath it in ballpoint, on lined exam pad paper. When you opened it up, there was a sweet message that let you know if you had been driving a BMW she would have left her number as well.