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Cell C site

Cell C’s new image – Trevor Noah and all

Cell C site

After a Youtube clip of Trevor Noah ranting about cellphone networks during one of his stand-up routines made it’s way around the internet, Cell C placed a public apology in an ad in the Sunday Times. This was on the 1st of August. In the 9 days that followed, Cell C has rebranded, appointed Trevor Noah as CEO (Customer Experience Officer), created an ad campaign to announce this and have a new website,, where consumers can send in any complaints or issues they have with Cell C. Due to the quickest campaign rollout ever, sceptics are saying Cell C was in it from the start, organisng and planting the initial clip of Trevor Noah that started everything.What do you think, a huge marketing scam? Or an opportunity that Cell C cleverly grabbed in time?


We find out what the brand was going for with their re-branding and new website. Some words on their new image from Lars P Reichelt, Cell C CEO (the actual CEO, not Trevor Noah), “The new corporate identity reflects the company’s vision of understanding its customers’ way of life better than anybody else and tailoring solutions around them to enhance lifestyles and improve livelihoods.”

Cell C new branding

Cell C new branding

Cell C old logo

Cell C previous logo

The new brand identity also consists of a six-colour bar which represents the colours of the South African flag as a symbol that Cell C cares about South Africa, and South Africa only. Cell C intends to cater to all customers and not just those within specific LSMs. “We are not just flying the flag on specific occasions – we make it part of our everyday life.  It is a reminder that this is the land of incredible possibilities and Cell C wants to be the ‘possibilities provider’ for all South Africans,” said Reichelt

He said the decision to change the company’s well-known brand was a call to action, in line with the current changes within the company.

“A brand must be relevant, appealing and inspiring to those inside as well as outside and I believe our new brand speaks to the changes we are making to improve the experience of our customers at every touch-point.”

“Cell C intends to gain the trust of customers by being very open about the changes that are needed. Consumers are invited into dialogue and we want to engage them in the change that is happening.  Cell C wants to understand where customers are really unhappy in order to address those issues.”

Reichelt said to ensure the changes are in line with what customers want, Cell C has partnered with comedian Trevor Noah to be “the company’s eyes and ears”.

Reichelt said the campaign was aimed at inviting customers to participate with Cell C on its journey to improve and transform the organisation and the category.  “We are saying to customers ‘the power is in your hands’.”

UPDATE: Here’s the TVC


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