Pick n Pay celebrates Women’s Day online

Pick n Pay inspired by women

Pick n Pay launched a social media campaign to get people interacting with the brand on social media platforms as well as highlighting Women’s Day. Part of the Inspired by Women campaign was a blogging competition where bloggers were encouraged to write about the inspirational women in their lives by standing the chance to win R1000 in gift cards and a further R1000 for who they wrote about. Simultaneously they held a twitter competition where their twitter followers could tell them what makes a woman and stand to win R500 daily.

The third component of the campaign was a facebook competition. Facebook followers could pledge allegiance to one of the women in the PnP photo album of inspirational women by tagging themselves and standing the chance to win PnP gift cards.

PnP inspirational women

Pick n Pay selected four local women who embody the spirit of Women’s Day to share their stories. These were Elmarie Claasens a clinical psychologist; writer, singer and actress Amanda Strydom; Zukiswa Wanner an author and Tertia Albertyn owner of Nurture, an egg donation program.

PnP local inspirational women

The facebook page also allowed followers to interact with their Health Guru who answered questions, their Prize Fairy who organised anything to do with the prize winners and their Comic Cook who provided recipes and homemaking advice.

PnP facebook

The campaign was successful with regular consumer interaction, have a look at their facebook page. They ended off the campaign with these black & white clips to thank anyone who participated:

We’d like to thank all the fabulous and colourful females who participated in our hugely successful Inspired campaign.
Have a look at these great clips, and remind yourselves of how far we’ve come since the days of black & white.

As far as we know the campaign was by Aqua online, can we have confirmation?






  1. Hey guys, thanks for the great words. Yes, Aqua is responsible 🙂

  2. Hi 10and5,
    Yes, Aquaonline is guilty as charged again… delighted you picked up our Women’s Day campaign.
    We found this to be a hugely successful initiative, driven by social media in its entirety, and especially considering the super-quick turnaround time.

    INSPIRED BY WOMEN fitted Pick n Pay’s Inspired by You sensibility like a glove and as a pro-active piece of work it was devised and executed within a mere 24 hours. It immediately started leveraging the brand promise to connect with the fan base, and over just a few days we increased the audience by a considerable percentage.

    The campaign was powerfully relevant – we chose local women as inspirations and they added value by personally participating in conversation threads. Meaningful content generation was more important than gimmick in this instance. It felt good to give back; to do something with purpose, rather than for notoriety’s sake.
    O, and don’t be fooled. We’re not going soft on you.