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Oh Dear, Megan - Bear Ring

Up & coming: Jewellery designer Megan Fogarty

Oh Dear, Megan - Bear Ring

Megan Fogarty is the designer behind new jewellery label Oh Dear, Megan. She is a jewellery design Grad from CPUT busy completing her fourth year. Megan’s unique designs have already graced the pages of Elle SA as well as going down the runway as accessories to I Love Leroy’s new range that was launched at the Design Indaba earlier this year. Oh Dear, Megan pieces were also used for the I Love Leroy 2010 Campaign Lookbook, here. The label is currently being considered for inclusion in an international exhibition in Norway later this year. The theme of the exhibition is the use of found objects in jewellery design and if Megan’s designs are chosen she will be one of only two designers representing Africa. We chatted to this impressive young designer to find out about her inspirations. 

What would you say your inspirations are?

My inspiration comes from finding something that has been lost or overlooked and making it the centre of a piece.

Is there any particular reason for using found objects?

I believe that jewellery should be something that everyone has the joy of owning and that this is one interesting and cost-effective way of making beautiful one-off pieces without the using over-priced precious stones and metals. I get to experiment a lot this way and it’s fun!

What’s your fascination with using objects from the past in your designs?

My love for antiques started when I was young and I would trawl through my grandmother’s jewellery box which I always got into trouble for doing. She had pins and badges that all had interesting stories behind them. My favourite days are the ones where I get to walk around town exploring antique shops.

You use a lot of South African symbolism in your work especially with your use of South African coins, is it because they are easier to find?

I specifically use South African coins and mementos because I want my work to be proudly South African. I want my work to have significance to wearer.

Where does the name Oh Dear, Megan come from?

I’m extremely clumsy so it’s something that I hear often from the people around me!

Where can we find your jewellery?

People can contact me on my blog I will be stocking stores soon, there will be updates on when and where on my blog.


Have a browse through Meg’s wishlist-worthy pieces below or on her blog.

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