Cadbury’s Flying Ostrich TVC


Remember the Cadbury’s gorilla drumming to Phil Collins? Cadbury’s latest Glass and a Half Full Production is an ostrich in flight. The TVC was created by Saatchi & Saatchi Johannesburg. Their Executive Creative Director, Adam Wittert, says, “The brief was to make people feel the same joy they experience when they eat Cadbury Dairy Milk, so we came up with the idea of an ostrich and an ostrich, being a bird, would find the ultimate joy in flying. So our ostrich goes sky diving.”


Creative Director – Adam Wittert, Art Director – Keisha Meyerson, Copywriter – Bruce Murphy

Illustrator – Bladeworks Cinematography – Werner Maritz, Peter Samuelson, Director – Peter Truckel, Film Company – Catapult Commercials, Music & Sound Composition – Hey Pappa Legend, Frequency


  1. Not that i had anything to do with this ad, but i do know that there’s at least two names that have been deliberately removed from the credits by the agency. Not cool guys.

  2. A bit of a departure from the gorilla and eyebrows ads for me. And that glass and a half parachute. *Cringe. Client got their hands on that one.

  3. Jayson, did you use the word departure because the ostrich is on a plane? 😉 I love it, maybe even more than the gorilla.

  4. I like it right up until it jumps out the plane. then it just looks fake .. and that parachute .. eish. cool song

  5. The bitch with doing follow-ups is that because only successful pieces are reprised, you also need to deliver something successful. This ad doesn’t. It isn’t.
    It’s weak and not very well executed. It looks cheap.And that parachute!

  6. A glass half-empty ad.

  7. Stupid idea, message in the concept is weak and ultimately let down by the embarrassing execution.

  8. hate to be that guy but… seems it’s not the first time the cadbury ostrich has flown.

  9. Link above is great. Seen that before but didn’t remember it.

  10. @ CODA –
    On looking around the 10and5 site for the first time I can’t help but notice you tend to comment on a lot of the posts, normally with a form of criticism.

    Can I just ask, firstly, why don’t you add what substantiates your feedback, i.e what market aspects are you specifically referring to, and, what you feel might help as constructive criticism.

    Secondly, can you point out any examples of your work that have featured on this site?