Cadbury’s – The Tumble Machine


  1. Great novel concept. Groundbreaking. Bound for glory.

  2. I like the part where the dog eats the tumble. zzzzz

  3. This is by no means a novel concept. Sadly it’s just a copy of an international ad. The Honda ‘cog’ ad flighted way back in 2006 and even back then it was accused of plagiarism by the creators of the 1987 art film Der Lauf der Dinge.

    Watch the Honda ad here:

    Watch the original art film here:

    Read about the whole thing here:

  4. Yeah I hardly think it’s a novel concept – there are whole engineering competitions in the US based around Incredible Machine inventions, and as SD3000 says, Honda did it way back, which was a very unique approach.

    I’d like to see this same type of ad for a whole bunch of brands though – i.e. how this whole process makes a tumble, or different ways to open a packet or eat a tumble or whatever. Just having the tumble roll down a plank ain’t that great…

    An example of how the product is used to create this machine is what made the Honda ad so great – almost each “obstacle” was created out of a Honda part.

  5. Why did they stop the “Take a Tumble!” ads? Now those were great! 🙂

  6. @SD3000: check out OK Go’s music video for “This Too Shall Pass”, I thought of that when I saw this ad:

  7. Oh and is that Peach van Pletsen in the ad?

  8. @coda True, I forgot about that one.

  9. cool execution. but its been done.

  10. TOTAL RIP-OFF OF COG, which is the most famous automobile ad ever. If you’re going to steal an idea, make sure its not one of the most recognised ones ever.