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New Dunlop TVC


Dunlop has a new tv ad currently screening to advertise Dunlop Zones, their retail outlets. The ad aims to position Dunlop Zones as the ultimate destination for a premium tyre fitment experience, and outstanding service from passionate, committed professionals. The ad is focused on ‘Human Precision’ as opposed to their previous commercial, here, that focused on driving precision.

The advertising agency who came up with the concept for the commercial is O’Donoghue & Associates. John O’Donoghue says, “We were given the challenge to show how Dunlop Zone dealers are passionate in a very precision driven way, capturing viewers’ attention in a manner that builds on the success of our previous precision driving advert”

The production company who shot the commercial is Collective Films and the ad stars the talents of three Parkour artists, including world renowned British Parkour ace and stuntman Chase Armitage, along with two of South Africa’s own Parkour talents, Dane Grant and Vernon Willemse, playing the role of Dunlop Zone staff.

(Parkour, also known as Free Running, is a demanding physical and mental discipline in which participants fluidly navigate a route using their surroundings to keep moving forward and in doing so perform acrobatic launches, bounces and jumps off and around various natural elements.)

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