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CB 22

Carte Blanche turns 22

CB 22

Carte Blanche, M-Net pay-channel’s flagship magazine and actuality programme, is turning 22 this year and to celebrate they’re throwing a party and inviting everyone. The “CB22: It’s all about you” campaign will make use of Carte Blanche’s Facebook and Twitter pages to vote on which stories will be seen on Carte Blanche on Sunday, 12 September 2010.

At the start of the broadcast anchor Derek Watts, who believes Carte Blanche doesn’t “look a day over 20,” will announce that viewers need to visit Carte Blanche’s Facebook page to choose which story goes out next, and in what order stories are to follow. There will be more than four stories to choose from too, which means some of them won’t go out. According to Peter Griffiths, Carte Blanche’s Interactive Editor, “It’ll be interesting to see if Derek can keep up with a constantly changing autocue on live television.”

“In a sense we’re allowing our audience to act as gatekeepers by letting them decide which stories go out on the night. And, by encouraging the audience to suggest scripted links, we’re putting some editorial power in the viewers’ hands,” says Executive Producer, George Mazarakis.

The Carte Blanche team will allow viewers the opportunity to participate in writing the studio script via Twitter and Facebook – basically telling Derek what to say.

The campaign, which is also a celebration of Carte Blanche Medical and Carte Blanche Consumer – launched during the year under the tagline “It’s all about you” – aims to ensure one of South Africa’s most successful television brands stays on air for another 22 years.

It will be interesting to see if they get it right!

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