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Idea Bounty – Peperami Crowdsourced TVC

Peperami has just launched a new “it’s a bit of an animal” advert to British TV viewers. The ad features the memorable self-cannibalising “animal”, from earlier Peperami ads, but now it has equally wild kids – “they’re bits of an animal”. Having recently split with Lowe, their agency of 15 years, Peperami opted to source the creative idea for this ad, not from an agency, but from the “people”.

The latest ad was conceived and scripted by Rowland Davies, an ex-creative director from Germany who submitted his idea with Kevin Baldwin, a copywriter from London. Their joint effort beat 1,185 entries and won the $10,000 prize facilitated by crowdsourcing platform, Idea Bounty

Noam Buchalter, Marketing Manager of Peparami, said: “A large proportion of submissions were from experienced, creative professionals and being the first crowd-sourcing project for the brand, we couldn’t have asked for a better response.”

Quirk eMarketing, the folks behind the Idea Bounty crowdsourcing platform say this is just a small taste of what is possible with this new tool.

“We have been beta testing Idea Bounty for over a year now and lots of big brands have used it in various ways,” says Rob Stokes, CEO of Quirk. “ Yes, Idea Bounty can be used to create ads more cost-effectively, but it can also be used to harvest great ideas from a global creative community and can solve virtually any marketing problem.”

Since Idea Bounty opened to briefs in November 2008, more than 13 major brands have outsourced to the online community to crack open marketing problems. Clients have included BMW, Levi’s®, WWF and Unilever. At present, Chevrolet has a brief posted on Idea Bounty. All briefs to date have seen a successful result with the best ideas run as real campaigns.

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