Reusable packaging for Primi Piatti

Primi reuseable box

The new Primi Piatti take away packaging is designed by Blacksheep graphic design studio. The packaging is made from 100% recycled paper with a built in grease-proof lining ensuring it maintains its shape when you do this –

Primi Piatti packaging planters

All the take-away packaging can be reused as potting trays. Blacksheep says, “We decided to illustrate this idea in the form of a step-by-step guide on the back of each box.” Even though the design is based on functionality it still maintains a slick aesthetic. Click through to take a look.


  1. GREAT to see this! wish that giant retailers would get on board with recycled / reusable.

  2. Very clever. Looks good too.

  3. I’d be inclined to ask, what then? Can this not be recycled because of the grease-proof lining? Once you’ve used it for your take-aways and your herbs, what is it good for then, or does it end up in landfill?