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Gerhard Uys Photography (1)

Gerhard Uys Photography

Gerhard Uys Photography (1)
Gerhard Uys is a freelance journalist and photographer who works mostly in the lifestyle magazine industry. The following paragraph is everything you possibly could want to know about him.

Gerhard partied during three years of photography studies and worked his ass off during three years of journalism studies. He part-times as a photography lecturer. He is hyperactive. He likes cowboy boots, firearms, rock climbing and downhill mountain-biking. He only chills out when in the mountains. He says that if people knew how quick he shoots then they’d pay him minute-rates instead of day-rates. He spends his money on magazines and books and chicken burgers. He views chocolate as an essential food supplement. He wants a tattoo and a bakkie. He hates spelling mistakes. He shoots portraits and landscapes and music. He reads the Bible. He both loves and hates. He is both rich and poor. Be nice to him and he’ll give you his exhibition prints for free. He loves his friends. He loves his family. He wishes he took nicer pictures. He falls in love with some photos. He is not a biker, but he will be one one-day. He drives too fast. He wears a fake leather jacket.
If you need more you can go here. And here. Click through to see more of his beautiful work.

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