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RIP Simon Scholtz – Photographer

Kidd Parker from Audrey2 alerted us to the sad and untimely passing away of Simon Scholtz, a local photographer. These are the words from Kidd:

Monday morning found many people, both within and outside the creative industry, at a loss for words. We had lost a rising star. Simon Scholtz, a talented photographer and all round first-class guy, died in a tragic accident in the Drakensberg mountains. We work within a fishbowl industry, brimming with ego’s and were talent and good-will seldom share the same space. Simon was unique. Not only did he hold an unrelenting passion for photography, a seemingly unquenchable  thirst for knowledge in his field but he just so happened to be one of the best damn guys you’d ever meet. For those who weren’t privileged enough to have worked with Simon, you can get idea of the talent we’ve lost through some of his work here: And in respect for Simon, it would best that while browsing through his pieces, that you crack a black label, lite up a smoke and wear a cocky smile that says “I’m taking on the world.”

Go well Simon, we’ll miss you mate.
Click through for more of Simon’s work, or to leave a comment of condolences.

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