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The Plastics – Shark CD Launch Campaign

The Plastics recently launched their new CD Shark at The Assembly and included a wide range of supporting material in the build up and at the actual event. Have a look at how they carried their concept across multiple channels & let us know what you think.

The campaign used print advertising such as flyers (8000 flyers were handed out), posters and stickers, online advertising such as facebook and twitter (people changed their profile pictures to sharks 1 week before the event), banners on the event website, as well as press releases and emailers to VIP guests.

Décor for the event included a massive shark mouth for the front entrance of assembly, a photobooth of a shark where people took photos of themselves in the sharks mouth, “eaten” records and polystyrene sharks hanging from the ceiling, and a vector shark design for the back of the stage.

Credits for the project include:

Art direction and design: Lauren Waller

Ideas: Lauren Waller, Jade Scully, the band (Pascal Righini, Sasha Righini, Arjuna Kohlstock and Karl Rohloff), and Jeremy Moyle.

Event décor made by (same as above)

Event / Décor photography by Adriaan Louw

Between 10 and 5