A Cool Casa Illustration by Lu

‘Lu’ has a unique way about himself. He recently removed himself and all his posted work from Facebook, not that it matters really, seeing as he was on under a weird pseudonym name anyway. He likes what he does & this is a version of his house “MIcasaESsuCAsa”. He’s also got a children’s book coming out in December (although I’m sure that’ll be a little different to this).



  1. Real Cool, where can i see a larger version of it?

  2. Its by time this guys work pops up on 10and5, he is a hard worker, great friend and freakin talented! A real master of cape town illustration. Good post yo! *two thumbs up!!

  3. Will see what I can change in the ‘ol dashboard to allow for a bigger version to be displayed..

  4. This is awesome.

    Is there a link to more of his work somewhere?

  5. @Bruce – That’s one of the things I find so interesting about Lu, he spends a lot of time working, but never really got into using online channels to showcase his work properly. Getting this out of him was a mission, but hopefully he’s reading this and will send us more?

  6. yeha man there is a LOT of craft into this! Would dig to feature more work.

  7. Ingrid Sinclair

    as a fan of graphic novels this image makes me want moar … thanks!

  8. 😀 Cheers-happy that you like :)…Thanks MR FErsyndicate_catch at the Casa.. cheers Matt for the upload…i gave you hell but got dem pics in the end :)!!! safe

  9. Thanks Lu, we’ll get you online yet 😉
    Glad to be able to showcase such creative work, really made me appreciate what 10and5 offers.

  10. Awesome stuff! Post more!