Whodunnit: WWF Tuna

We found this interesting advert for WWF and SASSI, but have no idea who’dunnit?

Can anyone shed some light on this campaign?

UPDATE: Who Dunnit solved. click through to find out.

Advertising Agency: Lowe Bull, Cape Town, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Kirk Gainsford
Creative Director: Alistair Morgan
Art Director: Cameron Watson
Copywriter: Simon Lotze, Natalie Rose
Illustrator: Ben Crossman

The text reads:

Only a portion of the catch in long line tuna fishing is tuna.

Most commercial fishing gear is not completely selective. As a result many endangered sea animals are also captured. To ensure the fish you buy is caught in a way that is environmentally friendly, text our fishms number (079 499 8795) with the type of fish and you’ll receive an sms back as to weather it’s in the red, orange or green category.

For the love of our oceans

Between 10 and 5