New Sci-Fi Range from Mingo Lamberti

Hurrah for a new range from Mingo Lamberti!
Sci Fi is a journey at warp speed through the black hole to the worlds that exist between infinity and beyond.
Inspired by space but designed on earth, the force is strong in this range.

There are only 200 of these baby’s made, so make sure you get your hands on one before the disappear into the universe! Check out the full range on their site.

Designers in this range are:

Ape – Dustin Slabber
Warrior – Brad Hodgskiss
Killer Robot – Wesley van Eerden
Steampunk – Jordan Metcalf
Class of 3010 – Jan Solms
City – Rohan Etsebeth


  1. Love the old range, but find their shirts tend to shrink hectically, and thats not just me. Not cool after spending R800 on clothes. Hopefully the new range uses better t’s

  2. Alexander Dunseith

    Thanks for this post, I am a big big fan of this site would like to keep updated.

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