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Like button at HelloComputer office

‘Like’ buttons let loose on Cape Town

Like button at HelloComputer office

Like button visiting HelloComputer

Yesterday, Cape Town advertising and digital agencies were surprised by visits from very blue, high-heel wearing, walking, talking, Like buttons. Here is 10and5’s Kate Desmarais posing with a Like button at the Ogilvy Cape Town offices.

Kate Desmarais with Like button

Kate's dreams come true when she meets a Like button in the flesh.

It turns out the Like buttons are part of a campaign leading up to this weekend’s Loerie awards. The I Like Loeries campaign can be followed on Facebook, here, or on twitter, here. The Like buttons handed out Like stickers to be pasted onto any like-able objects around the city. See below. As far as we know the campaign is to raise awareness about the Loeries, get the general public interested and to make Capetonians feel more connected to their city by being able to ‘like’ real objects.

Like sticker at The President

So now we have to ask, Who’dunnit?

Between 10 and 5