of Gravity & Life

Screening at Creative Week CT: Of Gravity and Life

of Gravity & Life

This highly acclaimed student film is being screened this Friday as part of Creative Week Cape Town. See it at Wessel Snyman Creative in Bree Str, go to the facebook event for more info.

AFDA presents a 3rd year experimental film, written and directed by young and talented filmmaker Karien Murray, starring Bobbie Fitchen and Adam Freeth, with a spirited debut by Mongezi Mzana.

´Of Gravity and Life´ gives an intimate glimpse into moments from the lives of a car guard, a single mother, and a widow. Each character must come to terms with the unchanging reality of their lives in order to discover the inspiration that moves them from despair to hope. This poignant film allows the audience the chance to explore aspects of the strength and fragility of their humanity as the characters are allowed to briefly escape their circumstances.

A visual delight, this film effortlessly meanders from the streets of South Africa´s Mother City through breathtaking scenery of the Western Cape to a poignant score.

Starring: Bobbie Fitchen, Adam Freeth, Mongezi Mzana, Susan Clayton, Emerald Johnson, Justin Thome Syster, Refiloe Mogoje, Adwina Brown, Kanya & Polani Sikele and Luka Grosse
Written and directed by: Karien Murray
Produced by: Eira Sletbak

Between 10 and 5