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Nisker One By Jono

By Jono Photography

Nisker One By Jono

Jonathan Ferreira aka Jono Jebus is The Band Photographer in his hometown of Port Elizabeth. Starting out as just a hobby his photography has now landed him contracts to shoot for various bands, acts, events, and SA Drums & Percussion. He also does consistent work for Red Bull South Africa most recently shooting for the Red Bull BC All-Star Workshop Tour, photographing two of the world’s best break dancers (Lilou and Roxrite) giving community workshops to dancers at a high school auditorium for a day. Jono says, “It’s been fun. Shooting rock and metal bands puts you in their headspace. It’s angst driven. Its oppositional music in a way that influences people to be confrontational but how angry can you be, really? This [electronic culture] is revolutionary in a new way.” Click through to see more of his work.

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